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If there’s one question that everyone dreads it has to be “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While this question was a lot easier to answer when we were kids, it is a lot harder to answer as we are at the age when we are actually entering the job market. When it comes to the job market, most people feel limited to the jobs that are offered in the traditional, “respectable” industries. However, you might not even know that there are many career paths you might be qualified for based on your skills and interest. Here are 4 unconventional jobs that you probably didn’t know existed that you might be qualified for!

Professional Sleeper

Wouldn’t it be a dream to just sleep and get paid for it? Well, you can! You can make a career out of sleeping as a professional sleeper. Professional sleepers test out mattresses and pillows, as well as participate in medical trials about sleep or sleep aids. The pay of a professional sleeper varies based on the company, location, industry, and experience of the individual, but if you land a high-paying gig, you can definitely make a decent living. Top earners in this sleeping industry make roughly $50 as their hourly wage.

Professional Binge Watcher

Love watching TV shows all day? Netflix is looking for professional binge-watchers. For all those people that have a passion for films and TV programs, this is perfect for you. Netflix employs a team of binge-watchers to finetune Netflix’s personalization process. These professional binge-watchers are responsible for watching movies and shows that will be available to stream in the future, analyzing them, and describing them using the tags that you see on your Netflix page. Based on these tags, Netflix is able to give recommendations based on your watched history. BonusFinder is an online gambling website that is also looking for binge-watchers. You’ll be getting paid $500 to watch three top-ranked Netflix series of your choosing. On top of that, you’ll receive a stipend to order as many pizzas as you want. Aren’t these the greatest job benefits of all time?

Professional Panda Hugger

To all my animal lovers out there, how does hugging pandas all day sound? China is currently looking for professional panda huggers to join the team at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in Chengdu. As a professional panda hugger, you could be making $32,000 USD per year. In addition to this, your meals and board will be covered and you’re provided with an SUV as well! Some requirements that you would need in order to become a panda hugger are having writing and photography skills, basic knowledge of pandas, and lastly being 22 years old or older.

Professional Food Stylist

All those enticing food commercials you see on television are the works of a professional food stylist. A food stylist is a creative professional that prepares food for chefs, editors, and photographers. These stylists take into account all the color, shape, texture of the food to see what they can do to make the food look as tasty as possible. Restaurants, magazines, caterers, and other companies will hire food stylists to create the most appetizing shot. The average annual salary of a food stylist is $45,950. So if you’re a foodie and love taking aesthetically pleasing pictures of your food, we’d highly recommend you check this out!

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