Four Effective Ways To Work From Home

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When the pandemic hit, an immediate mandatory work from home order was implemented by many companies. Everyone was relieved at first, no more having to take a long commute to work, no more having to listen to coworkers gossip about the new hires, and no more having to travel all the way back home during rush hour. Seems like working from home would make life easier, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly.

Unfortunately, many people have found themselves less productive working from home. According to a survey done by Flexjobs, “75% of people have experienced burnout at work, with 40% saying they’ve experienced burnout specifically during the pandemic.”People found that performing a tedious task is better in a work environment because they won’t be easily distracted. When faced with the same “dull” task at home, ordinary distractions like walking the dog or watching TV seem more interesting. Adjusting to WFH life was harder than people expected. Here are some tips for working from home, for all of you that want to successfully work remotely.

Having A Routine

If you don’t have to commute to work anymore, it doesn’t mean you can sleep in all day. To help you stay focused, you should have a daily routine. I know that WFH life can tempt you into staying in your PJs all day, but you should continue your workday as if you are going into the office. When you get dressed in the morning, you’ll feel more productive and it signals to your brain that you are going into “work mode. Also, keeping your normal work hours at home is important. Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial or else you’ll be feeling really tired the rest of the night.

Your Work Space

In order to be successful with working from home, staying in bed to do your work is not the right move. Your bed is a cue for sleep. If you do work in bed you’ll end up getting tired and fall asleep. You need a designated workspace preferably one with a desk, when you’re in this area you know it’s work time. If you don’t have a desk, find a quiet corner in your house where you’re able to sit up and get some work done. You’ll be away from the distractions and the temptation of your bed luring you to take a quick nap.

Take A Break

Sitting down all day isn’t healthy. Make sure to get up once in a while to stretch or even go out for a quick walk to enjoy some fresh air. Taking a break allows you to reset and can even increase your productivity when you return to work. If you have the opportunity to exercise, take advantage of it. Working out at home can help relieve pent up stress from work.

You can always take short breaks every hour for 5-15 minutes, or a longer break every 2-4 hours for 30 minutes.

Setting Boundaries with Friends and Family

One of the biggest issues people have from WFH is having too many disruptions from family or roommates during your work hours. You should try to have a conversation with them about setting ground rules during your work hours. For example, you can make up a signal in which they’ll know you’re heading into a meeting so you’ll need the room to be quiet. Also, you can always go with the old fashion way and put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Communication is key when it comes to working out a system in which you’ll be able to have some peace and quiet to do your work.

Transitioning to working from home will take some adjustments. Any new environment will take some time to get used to. Remember to continue your morning routines, create a work environment for yourself, take breaks, and set those boundaries with your family and friends. Keep these tips in mind to successfully be productive when working from home.

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