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Boss Talk with Ren PR CEO Alexis Woody

Alexis Woody Ren PR
I'm Britney!

I'm a lifestyle coach and creative who believes you've gotta build your dreams from the inside out. My story really began the moment I decided to boss up & reach my full potential.

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We recently had the pleasure to speak with Alexis Woody, the CEO of Ren PR.

Alexis is an expert when it comes to social media, market relations, and public relations. After working with various brands–large and small–in the manufacturing and hospitality industry for over four years, Alexis founded Ren PR, a public relations company that provides “modern-day marketing for those who believe in themselves and their brand.”

The Creation Of Ren PR

In January 2019, I was applying for jobs in NYC. I reached out to professional organizers to explore my opportunities there, and one of them was in need of a social media manager. Thus began the start of Ren PR.

The Story Behind The Name Ren PR

Ren is short for my middle name, Renée. Originally, my business name was AR PR, for “Alexis Renée” Public Relations. I love the simplicity of Ren, and it leaves no room to be misspelled or mispronounced.

Ren PR’s Mission

I’d love to connect with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them realize their potential and achieve their goals. I would like to step down from the day-to-day client work and manage my team in the next year.

Her Thoughts On Work-Life Balance & How She Achieves It In Her Everyday Life

100% YES! Work-life balance is key to your mental health. I can do better, but I do aim for work/life balance by setting work hours each day and taking off weekends. I do admin work for my business or learning and development on weekends only.

Morning Routine

My morning routine really sets the tone for my day. I follow Amy Landino’s method from her book Good Morning, Good Life by incorporating movement, mindfulness, and mastery in my routine. I enjoy a Melissa Wood Health flow and walk the family dog, Bear, to get in my movement. I listen to podcasts or practice Spanish for mastery, and meditate for mindfulness. I usually trade breakfast for lemon water (intermittent fasting).

Her Definition Of Success

My definition of success is waking up every day with a positive outlook and plans to help someone else. Genuine happiness is priceless, and I believe serving others is the ultimate life fulfillment.

The Most Rewarding Moment In Business

The most rewarding moment in business has been a tie between my rebrand and site launch, and the outpouring of support from clients, family, and friends over the last two years. It feels really great when you’re doing something right.

Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The advice I have for aspiring entrepreneurs is to evaluate the opportunity cost of starting your business. Time is going to pass regardless of if you start today, or in 5 years. You might as well start now! Just be realistic with yourself and set SMART goals so you can hold yourself accountable.

To find out more about Alexis’s company, Ren PR be sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin where she posts daily. You can also check out her website and sign up for her newsletter!





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