Helping women build  boss up and reach their full potential 

I help content creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses elevate their social media presence and cultivate dynamic relationships with their audience.

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If you're looking to elevate your social presence, you're in the right place. 

As a content creator, you don’t need a million followers to land brand partnerships; and small businesses, you don’t need a long list of clients to make your revenue goals. How do I know both these to be true? I generated over $30K in under four months as a content creator and coach for influencers and small businesses looking for help doing the same.

Consistency and clear vision are at the core of what makes this possible.

I'm here to help you level up your brand and get future entrepreneurs on track to leveling up their life and their business ideas. Having been through this myself, I know the late night stress of wondering how this will work, feeling defeated by the saturated markets, keeping up with every new social platform and trend...the list goes on. Let me be your guide to getting back on track and changing the game (like you were always destined to do). 

I advise content creators and entrepreneurs on how to boss up and reach their full potential.
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What I do...

After coaching and consulting 60+ content creators & entrepreneurs, I've learned that the only thing stopping them from reaching their full potential are their limiting beliefs - about their capabilities, their brand and their impact. This is why our strategy tackles mindset first so you can succeed.

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Take your brand to the next level with consulting services designed to support you at any stage in your business.  


The Currently Bossin’ Podcast

We’re bringing the bosses straight to your headphones with our amped up podcast featuring new ways for you to Boss Up from your career to personal life. 



How To Boss Up & Scale Your Business

Scaling your business can be scary, and finding the right people to join your company, and care for it like you do can provide a sense of uncertainty. Let's dive into how to scale your team correctly to avoid investing in employees who do not align with your company's mission and vision.


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Apply for my 1:1 coaching program to learn how to level up your social media game or level up your business. My program is known for helping creators & entrepreneurs lock in a clear strategy for their brand and feel confident executing it.

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“Britney went above and beyond to set my business up for success and I trust her completely.

- alexis woody, ren pr


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How To Boss Up & Scale Your Business Guide

Looking to scale your business and grow your team the right way?
Let's dive into how to scale your team correctly to avoid investing in employees who do not align with your company's mission and vision.